My Journey

I have lived and relocated across several cities and countries. I was born in New Jersey, raised in Mumbai and later Dallas, and now I am currently living in California. Throughout my relocations, I have built innumerable relationships and have been accustomed to various cultures which has helped me adapt, grow and gain experience that I am more than happy to share with all of you!

On this journey, I was privileged to have the opportunity to become a foster sister to children of all races, ages, and sexualities, who lived in our home as a part of our family; a licensed foster care home for two years. Being a foster sister in a foster-care family has taught me how to identify emotional and social disconnections and work towards providing strategies that work for everyone. It inspired me to become a certified life coach and yoga instructor, mentoring middle and high school students who yearn to thrive, overcome, and succeed in living a happy and healthy adolescent life.

Through my travels and relocations, I have seen some pain, more gain, immense joy and challenging loss. But, most of all, I learned some of life’s most precious lessons from my personal teenage experience. I can’t wait to share more with you – as we PeerBond together!


Reanna Wadhwani

Certified life coach and yoga instructor
Mental Health Advocator & Enthusiast

Why I Created this

With each relocation, I faced challenges along the way: maintaining long-term friendships and relationships as well as finding ways to thrive in each culturally different place– all while trying to succeed academically.

During the pandemic, my passion for this project grew larger. I was more driven than ever to help others cope during social-isolation. I decided to create this website to extend my help to a wider audience, while ensuring a user-friendly, accessible-for-all platform. Happy PeerBonding!

The mission

Connect with me, let’s talk!
Through social media platforms and email, PeerBond volunteers, like myself, will listen, encourage, and navigate you through life’s daily challenges. As a certified life coach, I will provide a positive advice so that you never find yourself alone or unable to overcome a challenge. We have volunteers on call, waiting, ready to listen, and share resources if needed!

Build A ‘PeerBond’
A Peerbond is a teen or senior buddy who will provide you motivation and support over social media, because everyone, everywhere, needs someone who can listen, share, encourage, or be encouraged.

Have fun!
Through our many communication channels, we can enjoy discussing various relatable topics that can keep us connected!